Lawmakers flooded with voters' reaction on Syria

Published 09/04 2013 04:16PM

Updated 09/04 2013 06:23PM

GREEN BAY, Wis.  (WFRV)--Thousands of voters in Northeast Wisconsin are taking to social media to voice their opinions on the conflict in Syria as lawmakers in Congress get ready to vote.

Wisconsin Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, who is also a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted "NO" Wednesday on a military Strike in Syria.

Since President Obama called for Congressional support last Saturday, Sen. Johnson tells us he's received more than 1,400 messages from voters; the majority of them urging him to vote against military action.

"Overwhelmingly, people contacting our office are utterly opposed to the President's proposal to take action against Syria."

Although President Obama has promised no troops would be deployed U.S. Senator Johnson is skeptical.

"I just think that's a hollow promise," he said.

His Facebook followers agree.

This is just one of dozens of comments left on the U.S. Senator's page: Krista B writes, "The gassing of people is horrific. Unfortunately there are no good guys in this conflict.  This has the potential to be WW3. Please stop this reckless insanity."

A similar situation at Republican Congressman Reid Ribble's Office.

He tells Local 5 News he's received more response on Syria than any other political issues in the last three years.

He says, he's received more than 1,000 phone calls, letters, and Facebook messages since President Obama's speech last Saturday; 80-percent of them he says are against military action.

"American citizens in Northeast Wisconsin, that I represent, are weary of war.  They're tired of it and they're communicating to me that they have great concerns about limited action taking to a larger action."

The Congressman's Facebook page has also been flooded with messages urging him to vote "No."

Jo S. writes, "I implore you to vote NO on Obama's request to bomb Syria. We have no business interfering in Syria's civil war. They do not pose any immediate threat to the United States."

"Without the President clearly articulating what it is they hope to accomplish there shouldn't be a lot of surprise that citizens are cautious and concerned about it," said Congressman Ribble.

Congressman Ribble is scheduled to vote on the issue next Monday. 

As of now, he tells Local 5 News he is against taking military action in Syria.


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