Lineville Exit to close for 60 days


Published 08/13 2014 06:39PM

Updated 08/13 2014 07:17PM

HOWARD, Wis. (WFRV) - Come Monday morning, a change in pace is coming to the Lineville/US-41 interchange.

"I would average once a day, I would go around here," said driver Roger Nuthals.

Some locals already have alternate routes in mind.

"I'm going to have to go maybe a couple miles out of my way to another route, to HWY EB," said Nuthals.

Always busy during breakfast and lunch, the owner of Barley's Deerfield Diner, just off the exit, is thinking positive.

"I think people will find us," Bobbi Rudolph. "I think they just need to get comfortable with new routing."

Signs are already posted around the diner and Rudolph said more are coming for the marked detour routes around Velp Avenue.

"I think people will stumble upon us because they get lost," said Rudolph. "I think people will make the effort to come. If not, hopefully they'll come back after the 60 days."

Across the highway, access from Lineville Road to Bayside Motorsports & Cycle will be completely cut off.

"We're going into our busy season so it's going to disrupt traffic flow a little bit," said owner Charlie Fleck.

With signs posted inside, staff are also telling customers to come from Velp Avenue. After a summer of construction right out his front door, Fleck is hoping this is just a small bump in the road.

"If it affects us another 10 to 15 percent, I'm hoping not much more than that," he said. "But time will tell."

"It'll be better once it's done, definitely," added Rudolph.

With Velp Avenue being the main detour, WisDOT is warning drivers they may experience backups there, especially until the Shawano Avenue exit opens next month.

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