Local Couple Joined by Fate

By WeAreGreenBay.com

Published 08/15 2014 08:45PM

Updated 08/15 2014 10:50PM

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - It's not every day you a wedding takes place at a fire station, but for one young couple they couldn't think of a place more fitting. They married at Arnie Wolff Station Number 5 Friday in honor of the man they say brought them together.

For any couple, their wedding day is a pivotal point in their lives, but the path that leads them there is just as important.

Fate seemed to play a big role for Brittany Frederick and Nicholas Fisher. It even influenced their wedding location. The future husband and wife say they likely would have never met without the lasting influence of a fallen hero.

In 2006, Green Bay firefighter Arnie Wolff tragically lost his life in the line of duty while battling a blaze.

Brittany says she grew up with the Wolff family, even playing basketball with Arnie's daughter for many years.

"They've had such a huge impact on our life in so many ways that it's hard to bring it down to one thing," she said.

The young couple says it was Arnie's lasting influence that lead them to each other.

"I mean, there wouldn't be a wedding today if it wasn't for Arnie," Brittany said, "That's one of the main reasons that we wanted it here."

It was on the day of Arnie's death that Brittany's brother, Brandon, decided to become a firefighter, just like the family friend he so tragically lost.

"He died doing what he loved and he died protecting and serving the city of Green Bay," Brandon Frederick said.

Brandon changed his path and in doing so, fate intervened. During his training to become a firefighter and a paramedic Brandon met his wife. But it seemed as though fate had even bigger plans for his little sister and new brother-in-law, Nicholas.

"In our wedding my sister and my wife's brother stood together and now today, they're getting married," Brandon said.

The influence Arnie Wolff had on Brandon's career path ultimately lead to bride Brittany and groom Nicholas finding each other.

Now, it's their wedding day and Brittany says the couple never would have met if it hadn't been for Arnie's influence on so many people.

They said their 'I dos' right outside the fire station named after Arnie Wolff.

"We thought back on it, that this was perfect, to get married at Arnie's station, because that's what brought us together," Brittany said.

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