Local expert shares thoughts on Ukraine crisis

By WeAreGreenBay.com

Published 03/05 2014 11:13PM

Updated 03/05 2014 11:16PM

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - The ousting of the Ukrainian President has hurt the country, according to Lawrence University political science professor Claudena Skran.

Professor Skran says Russia and Ukraine share an interest in Crimea because of its importance to the Russian navy.

Now, Russia claims to be protecting its interest in Ukraine .

The professor says the country's future is marked by uncertainty, and its shaking worldwide confidence.

"Now there is a Prime Minister in Ukraine, but he is very weak because he has not been elected, and the country is economically weak," she says. "Ukraine is doing worse than Russia and some of the other E.U. countries. On the other hand, hopefully it can become more pro-western, but it's in a fragile state."

Professor Skran does not believe the U.S. will get involved at any point.

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