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Area eateries stay open despite April snowstorm

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Finding a bite to eat in a snowstorm is no easy task.

Kevin Wood, a Green Bay resident, told Local Five that it took him a while to find a place serving up food before he found an open Hardee's.

"This was the only place - we probably went by six places that were closed," he said.

Local Five checked in on that Hardee's to see if a lot of customers were stopping by.

Assistant Manager Joshua Miller said that the restaurant had been busy all day.

"It's definitely been a huge impact and we were no where near ready for it," he said, "but you know when the weather clears up and the roads clear up, people come out."

A major factor in the restaurant being open was the availability of employees.

"We had enough employees able to show up today," Miller explained. "You know everyone really cares about customers here at this one so push comes to shove -- we're here every day."

Happy Joe's Pizza was another area business open all day Saturday.

Owner Terri Hanold told Local Five that she even offered rides to employees who weren't able to get their cars onto the road.

"We started calling people, seeing how they're doing, if they can get out, if they're willing to come in, if they want to come in and want us to come pick them up, we did that a little," she said.

Because here in Northeast Wisconsin, the weather may be occasionally treacherous, but life goes on.

"We made it work but now we're going home," Hanold said, before adding that she plans on checking road conditions in the morning before deciding in Happy Joe's will open on Sunday.

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