Assembly Republicans vote to remove Rep. Bill Kramer


Published 03/04 2014 12:06PM

Updated 03/04 2014 07:34PM

MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) - Republican Assembly members voted unanimously Tuesday to oust Majority Speaker Bill Kramer following sexual harassment allegations.

Assembly Speaker Rep. Robin Vos commended his colleagues for their decision.

"When somebody makes a major mistake, an embarrassing, reprehensible action, we didn't sit around and let the person stay in their seat or have no repercussions. We took immediate action to say he can no longer represent our caucus," Vos said.

Assembly Republicans elected  Rep. Pat Strachota, (R) West Bend, as the new Assembly Majority Leader.  Strachota is Wisconsin's first female Majority Leader.

The sexual harassment allegations against Kramer came into light after a handful of lawmakers allegedly witnessed him sexually harass two women at a fundraiser in Washington D.C. last week.

Rep. Jim Steineke, (R) Kaukauna, witnessed the account. He said he saw Kramer inappropriately interact with two women during the event. After speaking with both women involved, he decided to report the incident. 

 "It's incredibly disappointing and it was something I knew that the minute it happened, we had to report it and get it reported to the Speaker so we had a record of it," Steineke told Local 5's Jenn Sullivan.

 Although Kramer was ousted from his leadership position, for now, he still holds his seat in the Assembly.

 Speaker Vos said that when Kramer returns, additional action could be taken.

 "We will do whatever it takes to guarantee that no one, man, woman, staffer, lobbyist or citizen has to deal with this kind of situation again," Vos said.

 Local 5 spoke with Metro Police in DC who tell us the incident was never reported.

 Kramer has checked into a treatment facility, according to lawmakers.

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