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Bay Beach Amusement Park Almost Ready for 2018 Season Opening in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - If you're counting, and some people are, it's just nine days until Bay Beach Amusement Park opens for the 2018 season in Green Bay.  And as Kris Schuller shows us the park is a hectic place as crews get ready to welcome back all of you. 

At Bay Beach Amusement Park -  a sense of urgency in the air, as work crews get things set for the start of the 2018 season.

“Our maintenance guys are getting the rides up and running and our grounds guys are getting the grounds looking good like they always do,” said Jason Arnoldi, manager of the park. “Getting everything ready to go for next Saturday - so yah a lot going on.”

And with a new season comes new additions - like a westbound train that takes riders underneath the Zippin Pippin.

“Going around the back you still get some cool views of the bay and if you hit it just right you have the Zippin Pippin coming over you as you go underneath, it will be a real cool ride and looking forward to that,” said Arnoldi.

And a new concession stand - to speed up service for the 3.5 million riders who bought tickets for the park last year.

“It's just a great family atmosphere, the kids can enjoy themselves,” said one woman looking forward to the park’s opening.

“The kids just love to go, the rides are reasonable for families,” said another woman out with her son at the Wildlife Sanctuary across from Bay Beach.

And Arnoldi says in 2019 the park will offer even more fun - with a new ride offering amazing views.

“We're excited to get a brand new 100-foot Ferris wheel, that's double the size of our current one,” Arnoldi said.

And a swimming beach with a wildlife viewing platform.

“It's really going to bring a whole another dimension to Bay Beach that it's currently lacking,” said Interim Parks Director Dan Ditscheit for the city of Green Bay.

Additions mapped out in the park's master plan - funded with donations, grants and park revenue - from tickets that still remain 25 cents each. Tickets that again go on sale next Saturday.

Bay Beach Amusement Park will be open just on weekends until May 20. On May 22 the park will begin operation seven days a week.  

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