Breaking down the political issues with Mary Burke

Published 02/25 2014 08:10PM

Updated 02/26 2014 06:29PM

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)-- “Wisconsin has to move forward.  We should be a leader and right now we’re failing backwards," said Gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke.

That's just one of Burke's many messages about her campaign.

From job creation, to education reform, and health care--the Democratic candidate laied out her plans for Wisconsin and where she stands on the important issues during a one on one interview with Local 5's Jenn Sullivan. 

Burke said, “I hear the same thing wherever I go around the state is jobs.”

But Burke has yet to layout a concrete plan for job creation, she said that’s something she hopes to unveil in the coming months.

“What my plan will layout is how we are going to grow jobs and the economy and what that framework is and how we can build on the strengths we already have in Wisconsin," she said.

As the daughter of a small business owner-she wants to help small businesses grow.  One thing she’d like to see change is big tax breaks for big companies.

“If we just give them tax breaks, somehow jobs will come.  That’s not proving true.  It’s not working.”

Local 5's Jenn Sullivan asked, “One of the biggest attractions for out of state companies into coming to Wisconsin is those tax breaks.  So how do you balance that?

Burke's response: “Well you have to be a firm negotiator.”

Accountability is something Burke would like to see when it comes to education reform as well. If elected Governor she would like to see the School Voucher Program changed.

“I don’t think that vouchers are the way for us to improve education around this state.  We have to make sure that every school that takes tax payer money is accountable.”

And when it comes to Act 10, Burke said, “I did not agree with Act 10.  It tore our state apart…I will work to restore collective bargaining.”

She also discussed her disappointment with Gov. Scott Walker for not accepting federal aid to expand Medicaid.

“I would definitely accept that Medicaid money. It would bring down our health care costs," she said.

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