DNR warns: Clean off your boat before launching to avoid spreading invasive species

Published 08/31 2014 08:54PM

Updated 08/31 2014 10:28PM

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)--Those headed out on the waters are being warned to clean your boat in an effort in cut down on invasive species.

"Some of the lakes are getting pretty bad, " said Scot Keslin.

Scot Keslin frequently fishes in the inland lakes in Manitowoc County. 

He says he's noticed a spike in invasive plants in some of the bodies of water.

Invasive species can be transferred from boats.

"Watch when you pull your boat out. Check the trailer and the bottom of the boats," said Keslin.

Transferring invasive plants can have a large impact on the ecosystem and the economy.

Non-native species like zebra mussels cost the state more than one million dollars a year to clean up.

DNR Deputy Warden, Ka Yeng Vue, "When the weeds start spreading that takes away food from fish that normally has access to food. With the Zebra mussells they filter out the lake and make the lake clear and will cause algae blooms and more vegitation growth that we don't need."

Invasive species are commonly transferred by boats so it's important to ensure your boat is clean before launching it into the water.

"You're supposed to remove all the weeds and stuff off the boat, trailer vehicle, equipment, immediately after you remove the boat out of the water," said Vue.  

If you're caught launching a dirty boat into the water you could land a hefty $200 fine.

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