First same sex couple in Outagamie County weds

Published 06/09 2014 05:15PM

Updated 06/09 2014 07:15PM

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV)-- It was a rollercoaster of emotions this morning for one same sex couple in Outagamie County waiting to receive their marriage license.

“I thought this morning we were not going to get it," said Natalie Starr.

Natalie and Heather Starr have been together for 11 years and couldn’t wait to get married after Friday’s ruling but their plans were temporarily put on hold because the Outagamie County Clerk was waiting to see if the Attorney General’s emergency block on Friday’s decision would put a halt on issuing marriage licenses. 

Outagamie County Clerk, Lori O’Bright, said “If we start issuing licenses in the state vital records office and the state doesn’t accept those licenses, that’s going to be problematic for the couples going forward.”

But they were granted an exception because Natalie’s mother is in hospice and the women wanted to ensure she lived to see them get married.

“It’s nice that my mom can see that it happened.  She will know that we’re finally married and she doesn’t have to worry about us," said Natalie.

Heather Starr said, “We’re just so thrilled and happy to have this finally happen for us.”

The women have a three year old daughter together. 

Seeing them officially become a family met so much to their family.

Natalie’s Granddaughter, Alice Steffens, said “They’ve been together for so long and they have a little girl together.  I’m just so happy for them."

Heather’s Father, Steve Starr, said “Before today, Natalie didn’t have any legal rights if something happened to Heather and now she’s protected.”

While they made history by being the first couple to Wed in Outagamie County they hope many more follow in their footsteps. 

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