Fond du Lac Officer Williams Talks About Shooting

Published 06/14 2011 07:00PM

Updated 08/01 2013 09:40AM

For the first time, Officer Ryan Williams is speaking out about the March 20th stand-off with police. It resulted in Williams taking two gun shots to the chest. Fellow officer Craig Birkholz was shot and killed before the shooter, James Cruckson, turned the gun on himself. Williams says he was leading a team up a flight of stairs when he was struck by gunfire. He remembers feeling his lungs fill with blood, making it difficult to breathe. Much of his time in the hospital is a blur. But even Williams was surprised by how quickly he recovered. He was released less than a week after the shooting. After the impact, Williams say thoughts of his wife, two young daughters and his K-9 partner Grendel -- who was also shot, kept him fighting to stay alive. Officer Ryan Williams, Fond du Lac Police Department: "I was never afraid to die. I wanted the chance to fight. That was my thing. I wanted the chance to fight for my life, which is odd, with all the things that were going on." Williams' partner Grendel has also made a speedy recovery. Both are ready to come back to work. Williams says that could be possible in four to eight weeks. We'll have much more on this story tonight at five and six.

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