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Generations-old camera store closing its doors

Lloyd's photoshop has been family owned since 1951

MANITOWOC, Wis. - Washington Street is replete with family-owned businesses. 
But soon, one store dedicated to capturing memories will become one, itself.

"There's been a lot of great employees and a lot of great customers over the years," said Todd Kresheck, president of Lloyd's Photo and Video in Manitowoc.

Lloyd's dates back to the Korean War and, try as it might, it matches the stride of technology until it could no longer keep pace.
The dawn of the digital age slowly gutted business.

"We just kept getting bigger and bigger and things were going well until people went digital and they don't make prints anymore," he said. "That's our bread and butter was prints."

Some customers have been along for the ride for the majority of their lives, buying their first cameras from the shop.

It's going to be sad because you know the guys and I came in today to look at something and they still remember my name, which is pretty amazing," said longtime customer Gary Miller. "You don't get that in your big box stores."

The store has been in the Kresheck family since 1951 and, as a matter of fact, some of the cameras it still sells date back just as far.
Nevertheless, the store's current owner is looking forward to some much-deserved rest and relaxation.

"Lot of books to read, cars to fix, motorcycles to fix, motorcycles to ride," said Kresheck. "So, I'll be busy."

Though the store is closing, those lucky enough to have bought a camera at Lloyd's will always have a living memory of it every time they put their eye to the viewfinder.
The last day of business is Friday, March 30.

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