Gov. Walker responds to backlash of newest jobs campaign ad

Published 08/17 2014 06:10PM

Updated 08/17 2014 06:18PM

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV)--Opponents of Gov. Scott Walker are slamming his newest campaign ad calling it a farce.

The newest commercial--released Wednesday--depicts six people who all say they landed a job since Gov. Walker took office.

But the governor's campaign won't release who these people are or what type of job they landed which has opponents fired up.

While the governor campaigned in Appleton this afternoon, Local 5's Jenn Sullivan asked him why all the secrecy?

"The main reason we haven't is remember a few years ago the people in our ads were actually targeted by some of the more radical opponents out there and we didn't want them to have to face the same thing but we'll put the test up. Ultimately these are all people who have gotten jobs."

Mary Burke's campaign says this is just a ploy to destrct from the fact that he hasn't created the 250,000 jobs he promised.

Here's a link to his newest commercial:

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