Green Bay Alderman Guy Zima responds to new complaint

Alderwoman Barbara Dorff files code of conduct complaint against Zima

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Alderman Guy Zima faces possible sanctions if a new complaint filed against him for violating the city's code of conduct is found to have merit.  Local 5's Kris Schuller reports the complaint was filed by Alderperson Barbara Dorff and could lead to a hearing within the next few months.

In this 28-page complaint Alderwoman Barbara Dorff accuses Alderman Guy Zima of breaking six sections of the city's code of conduct for elected officials.  Almost all alleged violations that Dorff says occurred since February of 2017, most captured on video in various meetings involving members of City Council.

“I give her kudos for doing all that hard work,” said Alderman Randy Scannell.

Scannell has reviewed the complaint.  In it Dorff cites numerous examples of Zima failing to treat the public with respect, making hostile statements to elected officials and allegedly attacking or intimidating city employees. Referencing an incident in 2004 when he allegedly put his hands around an employee's neck.

 “She did mention once in a couple conversation that she was doing this, but mentioned no details. She said she came across some of this stuff, found a little more and she thinks this needs to be aired out,” Scannell said.

Dorff declined to be interviewed saying “I'm not doing this for motivation is to cause Alder Zima to stop the inappropriate behaviors.”

Zima told Local 5 the allegations are being blown out of proportions.

“It’s ancient history in most cases, innuendo and exaggeration on the rest of it, it's a lot to do about nothing,” said Zima.

An outside attorney is expected to review the complaint to determine if it should move on to the city's Ethics Board for a hearing.

“Each one will be reviewed and discussed separately, has there been sufficient evidence presented to establish each one of these has been violated,” said William Vande Castle, chairman of the city’s Ethics Board.

Possible penalties include fines, censure and in extreme cases - removal from office.

Also referenced in the complaint, a claim that Zima asked a female city employee if she made a sex tape on her wedding night.

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