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Keep your mail carrier safe!

The postal service keeps workers safe as they deliver in snowy conditions

GREEN BAY, Wis. - The postal service wants to keep its workers safe as they deliver in these snowy, icy conditions.

Every year 34,000 postal workers are injured while making deliveries.

According to the Government Accountability Office the mail carriers who deliver letters to your mailbox by foot are those who suffer slip and fall injuries.

Letter carrier Jack Mannion says on his route he delivers to 650 homes and businesses a day, but other carriers can visit up to 1,000 homes.

Imagine going up and down snow-covered steps 650-1000 times a day.

If you're a postal worker you try your best to be cautious but know that injury is all too common in this line of work.

And that can delay you, the customer, from receiving your mail.

"One injury can affect 750 deliveries easily, so it’s best to avoid that," says Mannion.

The postal service is reminding you to maintain a clear pathway to your mailbox, remove snow piles left by snow plows and clear your front porch and steps of snow.

They have a little help keeping their balance in this winter wonderland landscape.

"We have some good equipment issued by the postal service; good boots and some spikes that stick into the ice; without them we’d be slipping and sliding a lot."

The postal service wants to remind you that any resident or business with collection boxes near their property are asked to keep them clear of snow and ice. 


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