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Lake flies make springtime appearance over Lake Winnebago

Lake flies could be seen by the thousands over lake Winnebago

MENASHA, Wis. - With warmer temperatures comes all sorts of bugs and one pest is making its annual summer appearance.

Lake flies could be seen by the thousands over lake Winnebago today and they weren’t any less of a nuisance than usual.

Their scientific name is chironomid, but we know them as lake flies.

And some say they’ve made their summer debut.

“Usually it’s on Memorial Day weekend and we will go to bed at night to sleep on our boat and we'll wake up and the whole entire side will be covered in flies because they hatch overnight. You can’t even see the paint on the side,” says High Cliff Park hiker Jeana Dieringer.

Keith Sweetman says he's been through this before, but not like this.

"This year is a lot worse than last year, but they just come and go," says Sweetman. "They're just bugs, they'll be here for a couple of days and then they're gone again"

That's easy for someone to say who expects them to pop up.

"Honestly we had no idea these lake flies would be here," says another High Cliff hiker Jamie Collins. "We came out, it was a beautiful day, we wanted to see the water and take some pictures, but the flies have hinder that just slightly."

At Waverly Beach several diners took the risk of eating outside, but some opted to stay in.

"They've been really bad outside and we really didn't wanna have to bother with them getting in our food," says Maria Trevino.

There's no repellent or remedy to keep them away, but there are a few techniques you could try.

"A lot of swatting," says Collins. "I've been trying to stay kind of away from this swarm, but I'm not really avoiding them very well."

"I guess if you're walking somewhere and there's a swarm you just close your mouth close your eyes and keep walking," says Dieringer.

According to the Department of Natural Resources the main purpose of a lake fly is to mate and lay eggs.

They usually rest during the day and mate at nighttime.

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