Local elementary students balancing their checkbooks

Published 06/14 2011 07:00PM

Updated 08/01 2013 10:55AM

GREEN BAY, Wi--(WFRV) Not many elementary students can say they have a checkbook. But a group of local Green Bay kids is using one to balance their school work. "If you go to your job you get paid, and their job is school and they need to be responsible for school. They receive a weekly deposit of $30 dollars," said Carol Steeno, 5th grade Martin Elementary School teacher. It's not real money, but the students treat it with the same respect. "I think it helps us work better, and concentrate on our work more," said one 5th grade student. At Martin Elementary School Carol Steeno and Erin Raddatz team teach 4th and 5th grade. Combined they have 45 years of experience. The checkbook helps manage the classroom. "It's a responsibility skill that they need their whole life. Working on adding and subtracting," said teacher Erin Raddatz. Missing school or turning an assignment in late leads to a deduction. "If you haven't earned 30 minutes, maybe you've earned 25 then spend time writing to your parents why you lost 5 minutes," said Steeno. And sometimes the students get bonus deposits, with the roll of a special die. As a motivator to save, students use their fake money on real items at a class auction. One 5th grade student bought two stuffed animals, a basketball, a baseball for her brother and a bouncy ball. Two terrific teachers using an innovative system to a balance a busy classroom. Millaine Wells reports.

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