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Made in Wisconsin: Rock Garden Studio

A local music studio aims to put Appleton on the map.

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - Many musicians might think of Los Angeles  when it comes to recording studios, but Northeast Wisconsin has a gem of it's own called Rock Garden Studio.
Tucked away on Appleton's river front sits a hub for musicians from near and far to find and record their sound. 
Rock Garden Studio the vision musical mastermind Marc Golde.  He has been building his dream of putting Appleton on the musical map since moving to the area at just 18-years-old. 
"Something drew me here," Golde said.  "I decided when I was a young teenager that I was going to move to the Fox Valley.  Moved here on my eighteenth birthday and have never regretted it." 
Golde passion for music started young.  He says he has been recording music since he was nine-years-old when he got his first reel-to-reel tape deck.  
He started out as a musician, but after found his true love lies in recording. 
"What I really liked about music was the sound of music," Golde said.  "I still enjoy playing, but I really like this process a lot more.  It's like being the conductor."
Since he started this version of Rock Garden Studio in the early 2000's, Golde has worked with countless local and national acts. That includes singer/songwriter Rob Anthony. 
Anthony has traveled the country with his music, but says Golde's "old school" techniques really make Rock Garden Studio stand out. 
"The sound you get out of it -  all I can say is - it's a great warm, organic sound that really enhances my song writing and the acoustic vision that I have for it," Anthony said. 
Even as technology continues to evolve Golde relies on vintage equipment to get that really rich sound. He even has the ability to record on analog tape.
"It isn't for everybody, but in the end you have something valuable that could never happen again. A computer can repeat itself over and over again - a band can't," Golde said.  "Ya know, there's a special spark that happened in this moment - we caught it and that's the magic.  That's what you look for." 
Artists such has Bob Dylan, Neil Young and even Limp Bizkit have recorded albums on Golde's 1970's vintage counsel.  Among all the famous musicians recorded on the retro equipment, one album in particular sealed the deal for Golde.
"The thing that kind of sold me on it was that it recorded an Olivia Newton John record, which is one of my favorites when I was a kid, because I had a huge crush on her," he said. 
Historic counsels aside, Golde says Rock Garden studio isn't about him, the equipment, or even the studio itself.  It is about the music. 
"It's bigger than that.  To me, my mission has always been the Fox Valley music scene and I want to be instrumental in putting that on the music map in America," Golde said. 
For more information on Rock Garden Studio visit their Web site.

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