MU Law Poll shows Governor Race dead heat

Published 07/23 2014 04:31PM

Updated 07/23 2014 07:30PM

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)-- With a little more than three months until the midterm elections—the governor’s race is nearly tied.

The latest Marquette University Law Poll, conducted between July 17th-20th, shows Governor Walker with a narrow lead of 46-percent of the vote and challenger Mary Burke with 45-percent with a plus or minus 3.5 margin of error. 804 registered voters participated

“Statistically we can still say it’s a dead heat," UWGN Professor of Emeritus, Michael Kraft.

Kraft told Local 5's Jenn Sullivan job creation is the strongest issue for voters. 

The latest numbers show most voters are weary when it comes to the economy.

42-percent of voters say Wisconsin is creating jobs at the same rate as other states, 41-percent say the state lags behind, and only 9-percent think Wisconsin is creating jobs faster than other states.

“If people feel the economy is not improving or the state is not going in the right direction, those are typically signs that they might not vote for the incumbent and might look for some change," said Kraft.

That could be one of several reasons why the Governor’s approval rating has slightly dipped since the last poll in May. 

But where he’s lost the most ground is among independents. 

In May, 49-percent of independent voters supported the Governor—compare that to 45-percent today. 

“It could be the John Doe Investigation because it got a lot of press attention, it could be his position on same sex marriage, his position on Health Care.  For a governor up for re-election you don’t want your approval rating slipping 3 months before the election," Kraft said.

Walker’s campaign is staying optimistic, they said, "Under Governor Walker's leadership, Wisconsin has created more than 100,000 new jobs, balanced a $3.6 billion deficit, and lowered taxes by $2 billion. We're confident that voters want to continue moving Wisconsin forward.”

Burke’s Campaign said "Wisconsin voters know we need a new direction, and are responding enthusiastically to Mary’s comprehensive plan, based on her success in the private sector, to grow the economy and create more good paying jobs."

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