Petition to recall Crivitz school board president

CRIVITZ, Wis. (WFRV) - There is a petition circulating in Crivitz. A group of community members want to recall the school board president. 
They only have until Monday to get enough signatures. 
"Lets have our voices be heard, lets make a change" says David Kopp who started the recall petition. 
A group called "Wolverines for Change" is collecting signatures trying to recall the school board president. According to Kopp "You go to a board meeting and they look at you with a stone dead look in your eye and say nothing". 
Kopp says the problems start with board president Mike Dama. He is not up for re-election until April of 2017. The group says that is too long to wait for a change. 
They have a laundry list of complaints outlined on the petition. 
Some taxpayers are upset about a recent decision to randomly drug test students. 
The group is also worried about several lawsuits the district has faced since Dama took office.
"The school could become uninsurable at some point" Kopp says. 
While the school district did not have a comment on the potential recall they did issue Local 5 a statement saying: 
"The school district's role is to provide the best education possible with the resources given to it by the generous community of the school district of Crivitz". 
"Wolverines for Change" needs 651 signatures to start the process of a recall. They already have more than 500 people on board. 
"Honestly around 80% of the people sign" Kopp says. 
Even if they do not meet the signature goal the group will turn in what they have, to make the district aware of how many people are unhappy. 
"You do have a voice, you just have to use it, and you have to be passionate about it, because I will tell you it is hard to knock on people's doors" Kopp says. 
Local 5's Millaine Wells reached out to school board president Mike Dama for comment on this story. The calls were not returned. 

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