Public weighs in on Colburn Pool options

GREEN BAY, Wis. - On Thursday evening, engineers who were hired by the city of Green Bay to come up with blueprint plans of the four options to fix or replace Colburn Pool revealed their renderings to the public.

While many people came out and asked questions about parking, amenities, and more, others kept circling back to the fact that funds are limited, and basic needs should be met first.

Currently, the city of Green Bay has $3.5 million set aside for Colburn Pool renovations.

The group called "Friends of Colburn Pool" raised an additional $1 million, but donors backed out as soon as the mayor vetoed the more expensive renovations that were approved by city council. 

Those who donated to the Colburn Pool fund now have the chance to get their money back from the city. Or, they can choose to keep it with the Parks Committee, which will oversee the pool renovations. 

"I suspect most people are going to stick with their money going toward the pool because that's what they donated for," Leah Frost of Allouez said.

The options for renovations included building a new Olympic-size pool, but with only four lanes instead of eight, building a recreational-size pool, building a play area with no pool, or renovating the pool using as much of the old materials as possible to cut costs. 

"We had a million dollars fundraised and I'm hoping to salvage a good chunk of that, and if there's a gap I'll go back to city council and ask them for it," Alderman Chris Wery said.

The Parks Committee will review the comments from the public to help in the decision. 

The Colburn Pool will be open from June 10th to August 20th.


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