Terrific Teacher: Automotive teacher Peter Worley

Published 06/14 2011 07:00PM

Updated 08/01 2013 11:20AM

This month's terrific teacher and his students took first place in a national skills USA competition for their innovative work. The valley based team from Appleton East has created a lot of local buzz about its vehicle for the future. While electric cars are here, hybrids are here, this bunch goes a little bit further. It's something Worley says no one in the world is working on. A hybrid electric vehicle with a biodiesel engine. The fuel is homemade, made from something most of us throw away. What starts out as used vegetable oil then goes through a couple of chemical processes before it's turned into bio-diesel fuel. Their hope is to create a vehicle that will get more than 100 miles to the gallon. It's a collaborative effort using mechanics, engineering, chemistry, and art. Appleton East received a $10,000 grant from State Farm Insurance for the project. The total vehicle cost will be approximately $40,000. Hilary Golston has the story.

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