The Great Snowy Owl Spotted at Red Arrow Park in Marinette

Marinette - This past week people have been seeing the snowy owls in Red Arrow Park in Marinette at the end of the point.

Local 5's Steve Dent made the hike out today, however there were no signs of a snowy owl except for one that was dead, on Thanksgiving he saw four of the majestic birds, however it looks like they moved on.

Today we spoke with Ryan Brady of the Wisconsin DNR who told us there has been an increase in the amount of owls who have made their way to Wisconsin from the Arctic Circle.

Brady said why they migrate south is a bit of a mystery in past years that there was an increase Brady said that likely it was because of a lack of lemmings, a rodent and a feeding source for owls in the Arctic Circle.

However, this year he said he believes that it's because the lemmings were abundant which lead to a lot of baby owls and that most likely the owls spotted in Red Arrow Park were young and even hatched this summer.

Brady told us that owls feed on anything from rodents, to ducks to small birds and that they were at the point at Red Arrow Park because they were funneled there by the geography.

Female owls are larger then males and can be five to six pounds with an impressive wingspan, they have yellow eyes and they are a pretty spectacular sight to see in the wild.

Even though the owls weren't there today, it was a beautiful day especially for the end of November.

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