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The story behind Appleton Police's viral high school football halftime video

APPLETON, Wis. - You may have already watched the viral video on the Appleton Police Department's Facebook page, showing a school resource officer surprising the student section with a halftime routine, but do you know the story behind it? 

Officer Jack Taschner with the Appleton Police Department works as a school resource officer at Appleton East High School. 

Braden Hutter is a senior at Appleton East High School, and also one of the student section leaders who gets students hyped up at games. 

Last Friday morning before Appleton East's football team faced off with Appleton North, Officer Taschner called Hutter out of class.

"I was in math class, and the phone rings, and my teacher says I gotta go down to his office," Hutter explained. "He just kinda said, 'We know what you've been doing with the student section' and stuff, and I'm like, 'I didn't think I did anything wrong."

While Hutter thought he was in trouble, Taschner was egging him on before revealing what he really wanted to do. 

"I figured if I looked like I was serious, then he would be a little bit more nervous," Taschner said. "I basically told him, hey that halftime thing you do, I want in."

East High School students have multiple choreographed routines they do from the bleachers at games, and Taschner has watched them countless times. 

So, during halftime while East was playing at their opponent's high school, Taschner went up to Hutter and acted like the senior was in trouble.

But then, Taschner breaks out into the routine, surprising all the students and getting them to do the cheer, too. 

"It was way louder than it usually is, like at the end of it I jump up and everyone jumps up after me and cheers, but when he did it, I could tell it was for sure louder than it usually is,"Hutter said. 

By Monday evening, the video on Appleton Police Department's Facebook page had 1.6 million views.

"There's definitely excitement, there's kids that have been keeping me up to speed all day long, where we're at and how many views," Taschner said.

He says it's not about the video's popularity, but using the cheer to connect with students.

"I thought it would be good for the school, if you can bring more students out to the games doing something that is safe, that is fun, that can be productive, and help build relationships within the building for them, then that was the goal," Taschner said.

Taschner and Hutter plan to do the routines with the student section at every football game, and get even more creative with it. 

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