Uniquely Wisconsin: Humane Society Birthday Party

Published 03/06 2014 11:22AM

Updated 03/06 2014 04:54PM

Appleton (WFRV) When Noah Sommer was three his mother suggested he ask for donations to a charity instead of presents because he has so many toys. Noah chose to help the Fox Valley Humane Association.

It was only supposed to be a one time deal. However, Noah is now seven and he's still helping the animals.

Noah had his party for the animals at the Fox Valley Humane Association this year.

"I just reallylike animals so I wanted to go to the animal shelter and invite some of my friends to actually see what I really like to do," explained Noah Sommer.

All Noah's friends brought donations for the animals instead of birthday presents for Noah.

"I just wanted to start making, helping animals and start getting animal food for my birthday," said Noah.

He's been doing it since he was three.

"Because if they didn't have all the money and all the animal supplies the animals would just get sick and be cold," said Noah.

Noah also makes pins with his grandma, Kathy Beyer. Kathy suggested Noah sell the pins to make money for the shelter.

"It's gone crazy to be honest with you. People are delighted and excited. He can hardly keep up," gushed Kathy Beyer, Noah's Grandma.

Because Noah knows what the money will buy the animals at the shelter, "They just buy blankets and food and that stuff," explained Noah.

Noah's parents of very proud of him, "For him to put in the time making the pins, it does take quite awhile, and just to choose to give up birthday presents I think shows he has a huge heart," said Cindy Sommer, Noah's Mom.

Back at the shelter party, presents for the animals plus a two hundred dollar donation raised from Noah's pins.

"It's amazing to me, even though he's still such a young guy, he's got such a great outlook on living," said Liz Dietz, Executive Director, Fox Valley Humane Association.

The shelter helps out more than five thousand animals a year. Adopting more than five hundred. So generosity like Noah's is not only appreciated it's needed.

"These are animals that need an extra hand," said Liz.

And Noah plans to keep on helping the animals for years to come.

Noah always get some presents for his birthday. Noah Sells the pins at Clees in Kimberly and the Village Hearthstone in Hilbert for two to three dollars.

The Humane society does offer birthday parties. The cost includes a party room, a bag filled with goodies for each child and a behind the scenes tour of the shelter. For more information visit their website at http://foxvalleypets.org/Kids/Birthday_Parties.aspx

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