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Published 08/07 2014 04:48PM

Updated 08/07 2014 05:56PM

Winnebago County (WFRV) Outdoor recreation is a 646-billion dollar industry in the u-s that employs more than 6.1 million people every year.  And there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Wisconsin.


For those who like to explore our countryside in a high powered machine- off-roading may be for you.

All you need is a 4 wheel drive truck-- and some trials in the woods or fields.  It's a sport enjoyed by many families in Wisconsin--


Leaving the highway behind and taking your truck off road is a thrill for Jerry Stephens.


"We are driving our four wheel drive vehicles, generally trail riding through the woods," said Jerry Stephens, Off-roader, Wisconsin Off Highway Vehicle Association.


Dan Bergin loves that it's a family sport.


"You can be out having an adventure and doing things that keep kids excited and involved," said Dan Bergin, Off-roader, Wisconsin Off Highway Vehicle Association.


Off roaders are not just driving through the woods-- they are maneuvering around obstacles.


"In areas where there might be some stumps, there's some rocks, learning how to run your vehicle over the rocks is a challenge," said Jerry,



It's the challenge that excites them, "You want to see more challenging things.  Bigger rocks, tighter squeezes between trees," said Jerry.


And when a driver gets into a tight spot off-roaders can just winch themselves out.


"The front of my vehicle has a Waren winch on it.  an eight Thousand pound winch.  Generally we would bring out the cable and pull yourself out.  Self recovery," explained Jerry.


Of course driving your vehicle through the woods--isn't the best for your paint job.


"I like tight twisty trails, there's a dent or two in my truck from that," said Dan.


Which is why many off-roaders armor their vehicles.


"We put it in the places that are vulnerable, these are put on to protect the taillights the quarter panels," explained Dan.



They also take care to protect the environment.


"Slow speed, very trail lightly.  We are trying to do very low impact on the environment," said Jerry.


It's a great learning experience for the kids, "We teach them to take care of trails, to take care of nature.  Why you can't hit trees, bash through holes, careen through streams," said Dan.


All you need is a drivers license and a 4 wheel drive truck. 


The Wisconsin Off Highway Vehicle Association has the Great Northern Trail Ride in Mole Lake Wisconsin, August 14th through the 16th.  Click here for more information.



Wisconsin is the only upper midwest state that doesn't have an off-highway vehicle park.


 The Wisconsin Off Highway Vehicle Association is trying to build an off highway vehicle park on10 thousand acres in northern Wisconsin.  For more information click here.


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