Walker Touts Jobs In Meeting With Trump

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In an exchange between President Trump and Governor Walker, the Wisconsin Governor said he believes Foxconn and its new plant will create about 35,000 jobs.

After a day dominated by news on Trump's infrastructure plan, the President gave Walker a few moments to talk about jobs.

Walker explained that Foxconn will bring:

"About 35,000 (jobs) in total. 13,000 direct and another 22,000 indirect. Just the direct jobs alone, that's bigger than 96 percent of all the municipalities in Wisconsin."

Before transitioning to Apple's new $350 Billion U.S. project, Trump praised Walker's statement and added that he didn't believe those jobs would have been created if he wasn't elected President. 

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Local 5 has included the full transcript of President Trump and Governor Walker's exchange below:


The President: So, Scott, do you want to say a few words?
THE PRESIDENT:  And thank you very much, everybody.  Thank you.
GOVERNOR WALKER:  Well, first off, Mr. President, I think, on behalf of all of us -- all the state and local leaders, both Republican and Democrat alike -- thank you to you and your administration for hosting us all today.  Before you came in, we were having a good, lively discussion about answering some of the questions many of us had.
You alluded to, a moment ago, Foxconn, which you were great to help us announce here.  As I mentioned to many of the folks assembled here today, for the first time ever, LCD panels, the kind of panels here -- in the future, they'll be even bigger -- made by Sharp, will be made in the United States.  And we're proud that they're going to be made in the state of Wisconsin.  About a $10 billion investment.  We're helping with about $3 billion worth of incentives. 
And when we think about infrastructure, it ties into that, as it does all over the state of Wisconsin.  In the last few years, through this recent budget, we've made about a $24 billion investment in our state in the transportation infrastructure.  That's about $3 billion more than the previous eight years.  And so we understand what you're trying to do here.
But one of those projects that will help there is -- it's about a $1.5 [billion], almost $1.6 billion transportation project.  Interstate 94, from the state line through Kenosha, Racine counties, all the way up to our largest county, Milwaukee County.  We've completed a good chunk of that.  I think 13 of the 19 interchanges have been completed; about half of the miles have been done. 
But there's one major portion, right by where they're going to build this new $10 billion ecosystem that we're still working on.  The state, most recently, in our budget, put about a quarter of a billion dollars on top of all the money that's been spent up until now.  And we think, through the help of the federal government, with the Infrastructure for America funding, that we can finish off the rest. 
And get this -- the good part is, the local roads that we're helping out with in additional money beyond that is being done in about eight months' time.  And we believe on the time schedule we're on, the remainder of that can be done in less than two years, with the ideal completion date being before the fall of 2020 --
THE PRESIDENT:  Fantastic.
     GOVERNOR WALKER:  -- a date I'm sure you're interested in.  That would be completed by that time.  And we're thrilled, and we think it's a good example of a good partnership between the federal, the state, and local governments.
     And I just would add, when you were coming in, my friend from Iowa was just talking about rural infrastructure and rural interest.  And I also want to say -- because we got a good portion of state that is rural as well -- not only thank you on a rural initiative for transportation, but particularly for broadband.  We'd love to have -- whether it's white spaces, fiber networks, you name it -- there's plenty of opportunities for us to grow and expand our Internet capacities all throughout the United States.
     THE PRESIDENT:  Well, it's been very unfair what's happened with broadband in terms of the Midwest and in terms, really, of rural areas, as you know.  And you, sort of, were a victim of it, too.  But now it's going to be taken care of.  We're spending a great deal of money on that.  It's only fair.  And they want it.  They want it.  They know how to use it.  They want it.  And we're going to get it.
     How many jobs will be created because of Foxconn's new plant?
     GOVERNOR WALKER:  About 35,000 in total; 13,000 direct and another 22,000 indirect or induced.  That's bigger than -- just the direct jobs alone, 13,000 -- talking about rural -- is bigger than 96 percent of all the municipalities in the state of Wisconsin.
     THE PRESIDENT:  It's a fantastic thing.  Everybody wanted Foxconn.  Frankly, they weren't going to come to this country.  I hate to say it, if I didn't get elected, they wouldn't be in this country.  They would not have done this in this country.  I think you know that very well.
     Just out of curiosity, 25,000, 35,000 jobs -- it's a tremendous -- one of the biggest economic development jobs in the country.  How will you go about training and getting all of those people to work there?
     GOVERNOR WALKER:  Well, the first phase is, even before those jobs, is they're up to 10,000 construction jobs.  So it fits in with exactly what you're talking about today.  We'll have people all throughout our state and probably adjoining states.  We made a major investment. 
And I think part of one of the visits, Ivanka, you had made to one of our technical colleges -- we have all of our technical colleges in the state are stepping up their program specifically to train.  Because this is not only for construction, but then for high-tech advanced manufacturing.  This is going to be a whole new wave for us.
     So we hope to have people not only in state being trained; we're trying to recruit people from other states as well.
     THE PRESIDENT:  And the company will also train, I understand.
     GOVERNOR WALKER:  Absolutely.  They'll be bringing people in from around the world.
     THE PRESIDENT:  That's so exciting, Scott.  Congratulations.  You really did -- they told me the other day that you were really, really great.  The state, Wisconsin, I'm not surprised.  But they did a great job, and you did a great job.  Thank you very much.
     GOVERNOR WALKER:  Thank you, Mr. President.
     THE PRESIDENT:  Adding to that, as you know, Apple -- I told Tim Cook during the campaign, before I was elected -- I said, Tim, you know, I don't know if I'm going to make it or not, but if I do, you got to build plants, you got to build some big plants.  I won't consider this a great success unless I see those big plants that I see all over China and other places, but, in particular, China -- hopefully, you're going to build them here.
     And he gave us a very big surprise two weeks ago -- $350 billion -- not million.  $350 million would have been a nice plant too.  But he's going to invest $350 billion, of which he's taking $245 billion back.  And that's the money we talked about coming back into this country. 
I think it's going to be about $4 trillion.  It was $2.5 trillion, but I've been using that number for years, so I know the number has gotten larger.  It's probably four.  It could even be more than that.  But a lot of it is coming back.  Another company just announced they're bringing billions of dollars back into the country.
     But Apple is bringing about $240 billion back in.  They're going to build a tremendous campus.  They're going to build new plants.  And it is beyond anything that anybody thought even possible.  So that's very exciting.  And you add that on to Foxconn, it's a whole different world out there. 
     So, Scott, thank you very much.

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