Wisconsin husband and wife receive much more than cancer treatment on Valentines Day

Appleton - Randy and Sally Geurts are battling cancer, they spent their Valentines Day getting chemotherapy, but they received much more today as Fox Valley Hematology and Oncology wanted to surprise the couple.

It has been a long road for Sally Geurts who was first diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago, she got treatment and she beat it with the odds of it coming back at less than one percent, but it came back.

Today marks the end of her treatment this time around, but the family received another blow when Randy was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in September.

"It's tough, but we got great family and friends," said Randy Geurts. "I just want him to be around forever, I guess I don't know how to answer that because it is hard," said Sally Geurts.

That showed today as the staff at the hospital treated them to a candlelight dinner for two, but the best part about today was that both of their daughters also showed up and surprised them.

Their doctor, Xin Yao said it has been a privilege to serve these two who have such positive attitudes, but he has also never seen or heard of a case where both husband and wife received cancer treatment at the same time.

The family certainly appreciated the effort the hospital went to make sure they had a special Valentine's Day.

"I did not know it was going to be like this, it's crazy, it makes you feel good," said Sally Geurts. "It makes you feel like they care and that you are loved."

And we are pulling for both members of the Geurts family and wish their daughters well in the endeavors at UW Oshkosh.



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