Your Wisconsin: Nanland Organic Coffee

GREEN BAY, Wis. - A local couple was on a mission to come up with a great tasting, socially responsible, cup of coffee. They found it in Nanland. But, you will not find that on any map.
"So far we have had rave reviews" says Nan Bush.
"I did a bunch of research about what the trends are in the grocery business. They want natural, organic, they want a small mom and pop operation" explains Terry Bush.
The husband, wife duo wanted to bring consumers coffee that was organic, single origin, and most of all affordable.
According to Terry "Single origin like Nicaraguan, means it all comes from Nicaragua"
Though the coffee beans come from around the world, the single serve cups are produced in Little Chute.
"It is an hour or two from the time it is roasted to the time it is packaged. It is very fresh and it will stay that way because it is in single serve cups" he explains.
When it came time to name the business, the couple took a page from their daughter Allison.
"Her book is called Notes from Nanland" Nan says talking about a tiny pink notebook, packed full of life lessons.
As a young girl Allison would be scribbling notes as mom dished out advice. "Mom you live in your own little world. You just live in Nanland... [Allison] said your words of wisdom are just do funny I have to share them with the world. I am going to write them down and publish them someday".
But Allison never got the chance. She died unexpectedly at the age of 24.
Nan had never seen what she wrote in that little notebook, until she was sorting through Allison's things after the funeral.
Quotes included "Do not put chapstick on your lips before you get your bangs cut or your trimmed hair will stick to your lips".
Naming the company "Nanland" seemed like the perfect way to honor Allison's memory and continue sharing Nan's helpful tips.
Four varieties of Nanland Organic Coffee are now on the shelves at local Festival Foods stores.
"It is extremely exciting. I can not deny it. We are thrilled that it has come to fruition. Every time that we see this, we think of our daughter, we remember her" Nan says.
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