Mayor Schmitt's plans for Larsen Green

By Kris Schuller |

Published 06/11 2014 08:43PM

Updated 09/08 2014 08:36PM

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) With Walmart expected on next week's Green Bay City Council meeting agenda, Mayor Jim Schmitt wants council members to know they have options. Thursday he will in fact present alternative plans for the Larsen Green site on North Broadway.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon Mayor Schmitt is expected to present three possible development options for the Larsen Green location downtown. One of which is a baseball stadium.

That is according to Alderman Randy Scannell who saw the plans during a meeting with the mayor on Tuesday.

Scannell says Schmitt and city planners presented three options that the city could possibly pursue - should the city acquire the property from On Broadway Inc., if the Walmart proposal is off the table.

One was a mixed-use development, including residential and office as outlined in the just approved downtown master plan.

Another was more commercial in nature, including what Scannell described as an auditorium on a section of Leicht Park that could host indoor and outdoor music festivals.

The third option was a sports complex.

"Another plan showed a baseball diamond, with kind of the old canning factory the focal point by home plate - which could also be turned into a soccer field," said Scannell. "So there are all kinds of possibilities and we have the flexibility for developers to shift and do that."

Alderman Scannell says the mayor planned to meet with all council members to share his ideas ahead of an expected vote next Tuesday   on Walmart's request to rezone the Larsen Green site. Doing so would allow the retailer to pursue a one-story supercenter on the land. That request was denied by the City Plan Commission this week, but is likely to go to a vote at city council on Tuesday.

Local 5 has also learned one, possibly two council members, will not be voting on the Walmart issue. Alderman Joe Moore says he has a conflict of interest - which for now he will not reveal - and has told the city attorney he is recusing himself. Moore says it is also possible Alderman Tom Sladek will not participate.  Sladek is recovering from a stroke he suffered in April.

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