Golf Course Renovation Alleviates Flooding Concerns

By Evan Kruegel, Local 5 News

Published 04/25 2014 08:59PM

Updated 04/26 2014 11:35AM

All 18 holes at Reid Golf Course are back in play, much to the delight of Jon Hyatt.

        "It's definitely a lot nicer to be able to play 18 out here," he says.

The course now has two storm water retention ponds - part of a $4-million project by the city of Appleton, aimed at keeping sediment out of the Fox River.

        "The cheapest way for the city to do it was to put two storm water ponds in their own land so to speak," says Clubhouse Manager Stacey Gassner. "And they put it here at the golf course."

        The move forced officials to close half the course for all of 2013, a major bogey for golfers like Kurt Thiel.

        "[It was] Kind of frustrating," he says. "Had to drive a little further and stuff."

But Gassner says the new course is better, and drier than ever before.

        "I'll guarantee that our new fairways are drier than our old ones," he says. "The drainage is spectacular."

Players say it was frustrating having to deal with part of the course being closed, but that the new hazards add a whole new dimension.

        "It actually adds a lot more difficulty," says Hyatt. "You have to think a lot more about the course."

        "I think it's very beneficial," says Thiel. "It used to just be straight the whole time. Now you've got to challenge yourself to hit precision shots, and if you don't make them, well, you're taking out another ball."

Something that golfers had to do a lot of today - on the first day of the season.

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