Severe Weather Warnings Down for Northeast Wisconsin

By Evan Kruegel, Local 5 News

Published 07/25 2014 08:51PM

Updated 07/25 2014 10:31PM


        It's been a quiet summer for NWS Meteorologist Ashley Allen, with only 16 severe weather warning, and 14 severe weather reports - A steep decline from the 76 warnings typically issued by this date.

        "In general it's just been this cool northwest flow," she says, [It] hasn't allowed any kind of good severe weather setup days here in northeast Wisconsin."

And that's cause for celebration for Andrew Pamperin, who spent Friday tying the knot at Pamperin Park.

        "I've heard that rain gives good luck on a wedding day," he says. "And we did have a few showers earlier on today when we were setting up, so hopefully that's enough."

Allen says an average northeast Wisconsin summer brings 140 severe weather warnings. At this point, we're barely 11 percent there, and locals are taking notice.

        "Any storms that really come through seem to dissipate," says Dustin Wenstadt. "We get a lot of wind and things like that, but not a lot of storms, not a lot of rain, not a lot of lightning."

But Allen says with August quickly approaching, it's still too early to get excited."

        "Last year we got over half of our reports and warnings in the month of August, so we do still have the rest of August and even into September to go as far as severe weather wise."

Allen expects the cooler, calmer trend to hold through the end of September. Welcome news for many looking to enjoy the remaining days of summer.

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