Republican Congressional Candidates Battle in Manitowoc

By Evan Kruegel, Local 5 News

Published 07/24 2014 09:09PM

Updated 07/24 2014 11:22PM

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) - With three weeks to go until the Republican primary, it was crunch time thursday night in Manitowoc, as four hopefuls squared off in a moderated debate. The session was well attended, as Tom Denow, Glenn Grothman, Joe Leibham, and Duey Stroebel addressed the crowd. Denow and Stroebel worked quickly to distance themselves from the other two candidates, who they referred to as career politicians.

        "I've worked in business and industry, and I've been a teacher," said Denow before the debate. "So I'm the only candidate that has those credentials and an understanding of all three of those areas."

        "The people that I'm up against here, they've got fourty years worth of government between the two of them," said Stroebel. "And I really think that we have more than enough influence in Washington D.C. now of career politicians. We need more people like our founding fathers intended, citizen legislators and people who come from the real world, been there done that.

Grothman and Liebham both pushed their political history as an advantage, citing past experience and goals for the future.

        "If you look at the number of bills, the number of conservative bills I've passed in the last four years, it's much more than my opponents," said Grothman. "But I also have to describe what I'm going to do in the future, and I think the fact that I've dealt with these issues in the past should be more indicative of the fact that I'm going to deal with these issues again in Washington

        "It's unacceptable that our government and their past administrations were allowed to have this state billions of dollars in debt," said Leibham. "We've transformed that, working with Governor Walker, working together to move good conservative reforms for this state. I've been proud to be on the front line of that, and that's the same type of effort that I'll move forward into Washington."

The primary election will take place on August 12th.

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