Viral Video Raises Questions over Inflatable Bouncer Safety

By Evan Kruegel, Local 5 News

Published 05/16 2014 08:38PM

Updated 05/17 2014 01:53AM

Jacob Kwiatkowski couldn't believe his eyes when he flipped on the news and saw an inflatable bouncy castle 100 feet in the air.

        "I was really worried about the children inside of it," he says.

Kwiatkowski owns Jake's Jumpers, and rents out hundreds of similar inflatable's every year. He's spent this past week fielding calls from concerned customers - reassuring them that accidents like this don't happen if you follow guidelines.

        "It's obvious that the winds were high enough that it shouldn't have been up at all at that time," he says. "The person operating the unit was kind of negligent and kind of careless."

But doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital say accidents like this are more common than you might think: 

         "Because of the alarming, rapid rise in the number of injuries associated with inflatable bouncers, national safety guidelines must be developed," says Doctor Gary Smith.

Kwiatkowski says his company has strict guidelines. Inflatables are never set up if winds top 25 miles per hour, and indoors or outdoors, he makes sure his units aren't going anywhere.

        "We secure them down with stakes," he says. "And we have sand bags when they're inside."

And as his busy season approaches, he hopes Monday's incident doesn't scare people away from what should be a safe and fun summertime staple.

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