Runners Not Backing Down

Published 04/18 2013 10:05AM

Updated 05/09 2013 08:42AM

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is just a month away and as runners are training for the big day, many are thinking about what happened in Boston. 


"I don't know if anybody that runs marathons will ever be able to run a marathon again and cross the finish line and not think about what they saw on the news on Monday," says Jessica LeMere who ran in the Boston Marathon back in 2010.


Whether you've run the Boston Marathon or have run a 5K at a summer festival, runners are a tight-nit community; when one group is attacked, it seems like we all are.


"I went for a run yesterday and I cried a bit... It's emotional, it's hard, because you picture yourself being there and it possibly happening to you or your family... It made me think about how my kids are always standing there cheering and pushing me on," says avid runner Jenny Chaudoir.


Jenny has run a ton of races and plans to run a bunch more, including the Green Bay Cellcom Half Marathon.


"The unexpected can happen anyplace, anytime, anywhere... You have to try to stay positive and not let it hold you back from living and doing what you're going to do."


Jessica agrees, "We see these things happening all the time, it's not just at marathons, it s in classrooms, and shopping malls, it could be anywhere.  So I'm not going to stop my kids from going to school, I'm not going to stop them from going to the mall to see their friends; I'm not going to stop them from watching a race."


The person or people who killed and wounded innocent people in Boston have lost because their actions have only inspired the good and heroic to come out.


"I'm more determined than ever to get back to Boston next year and run it next year... I can kind of run for those who can't be there," says Jessica. 


If you want to run in the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon on May 19th, there are still spots available for both the marathon and for people running the marathon as a relay team.


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