Searching for owner of MIA bracelet

By Kris Schuller |

Published 06/18 2014 09:20PM

Updated 06/18 2014 11:18PM

KEWAUNEE COUNTY, Wis. (WFRV) A local man dedicated to helping veterans, is trying to find the owner of a bracelet, bearing the name of a soldier still missing-in-action. That bracelet found along the Ahnapee Trail in Algoma; the owner a mystery.

Cradled in Joe Aulik's hands - a metal band from long ago. A piece of jewelry - bearing the name of a solider missing-in-action - and the date Staff Sergeant Steven Hastings disappeared in Vietnam.

"It has a little more importance - not something to be tossed aside," said Joe Aulik, Veterans Service Officer for Kewaunee County.  "Because there is probably a lot of remembrance behind it."

And because of that, Aulik is on a mission to reunite the bracelet found along the Ahnapee Trail with its owner, whoever that may be.

"Could be a family member, friend," said Aulik. "I would think someone would have to know him to wear the bracelet."

In his effort to solve the mystery Aulik learned more about Staff Sergeant Hastings; finding vital information thru the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, which in turn directed him to Steven Hastings younger brother Tim - who lives in California.

"The fact he's gone to such lengths to try and locate the person who lost it is quite amazing," said Tim Hastings.

Tim Hastings says the bracelet is not his. Still years ago many more, some bearing his brother's name and those of many other soldiers,  were worn during Vietnam to honor the missing-in- action,  the prisoners of war.

"The agreement was you'd wear the bracelet until they came home and then return it to the family," Hasting said.

And while Tim Hastings is still waiting for word of what became of his brother - over the years, he has found peace.

"Fate is fate - there's a reason God did this," said Hastings.

And as for the bracelet.

"I hope somehow the person who lost it will get it back," Hasting said.

And if not, Joe Aulik - with Tim Hastings blessing - will keep it in his Veterans Service Office.

"So Staff Sergeant Steven Hastings is remembered - at least in Kewaunee County," Aulik said.

Staff Sergeant Hastings was on board a helicopter that crashed in Vietnam during a rescue operation. His fate remains unknown.


If you know who owns the bracelet contact Aulik at 920-388-7198.

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