Second year of Mile of Music begins

By , Evan Kruegel, Local 5 News

Published 08/07 2014 11:06PM

Updated 08/07 2014 11:16PM

APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - Mile of Music is officially underway in Appleton. The event features some new venues and new opportunities for artists looking to make a name for themselves.

One of those opportunities is the Mile of Music Bus, a chance for artists to play live music on public transportation. So far this year, it's been a big hit.

For Traveling Suitcase singer Nicole Rae, Mile of Music is a chance for unique exposure -  showcasing her talents along with 200 other artists

"It's magical," Rae says, "and I feel like every other artist feels that way."

She was one of many who took a ride and played a show on the Mile of Music Bus, a free ride and a free show up and down College Avenue.

"It was very intimate and I enjoy the unplugged intimate stuff a little bit more, Rae says, "you feel a little bit naked as an artist, also a little more scared that you're going to fall off the door. "

Violin and singer Ida Jo took to the stagecoach as well- delighting the crowd of travelers.

"Well I was thinking to myself when I signed up to do it that if I saw someone on the bus I probably wouldn't forget them," Jo says, "so I was thinking it's probably worth doing."

"She was saying it was her first bus ride performance," Lisa Longfellow, who rode on the bus says, "so she didn't know what to expect, we didn't really either, it was kind of a new experience for everybody."

Some riders heard the music before boarding, but others like Lexi Kunstman were caught off guard.

"It's really cool," she says, "and then it's free too and they take you wherever you want to go so that's cool."

Organizers say the bus was in place last year, but that only a handful of artists took advantage of it. This year, the slots are filled for the weekend. An exciting addition to round two of Mile of Music.

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