State Senate passes bill that gives landlords more flexibility with tenants

Published 09/18 2013 06:19PM

Updated 09/18 2013 07:04PM


OSHKOSH, Wis. (WFRV)--The State Senate passed a bill Tuesday which would give landlords more flexibility with tenant dealings.

Last year, 3,571 eviction cases were filed through the circuit court in Wisconsin. 

It's a problem many landlords face.

Chris Mokler, the President of Wisconsin Rental Housing Legislative Council, helped work with legislators to draft this bill.

He tells Local 5 News the eviction process can be difficult.

"It can be a tedious process and an expensive process," said Mokler.

Mokler has also been a landlord in Oshkosh for more than 20 years. 

He says one of the toughest challenges he faces is dealing with unwanted items left behind by former tenants. 

"You have to get a bond to notify the Sheriff-that's costly.  You have to have people move the property and store the property-that's costly.  And sometimes they don't come back to get it," he said.

Removing unwanted items left by former tenants can cost him up to $2,000 in some cases, but a new bill passed by the Senate could change that.

The Landlord-Tenant bill allows landlords to evict tenants once they've been properly notified or if a crime was committed at the property (except in the case of a domestic or sexual abuse case).

Landlords can also obtain the property after the court rules with a them and can tow illegally parked cars.

"This is a fair bill that allows the landlord to agree and follow the law," Mokler said.

 The bill heads to the Assembly floor next where it is likely to be voted on sometime in October.   

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