Uniquely Wisconsin: License to Smile 50

Published 08/21 2014 12:21PM

Updated 08/21 2014 07:25PM

COMBINED LOCKS (WFRV) A game you play in the car when you're on a family road trip turned into a month long quest one Combined Locks boy and his family.

6 year old Sawyer Thiel has been on a quest-- to get his picture taken with a license plate from all 50 states. 

The search began when he and his mom were shopping, "I saw the License Plate game at The Learning Shop," said Sawyer Thiel, Combined Locks.

And Sawyer wanted it.  The game is simple,  when you spot a vehicle with a license plate from a certain state you flip it over on the game board.

But mom, Allison,  didn't think they would be able to spot all the states so she said no to buying the game, "Because we're never going to find them all," explained Sawyer.

But Sawyer believed they could, "Because I saw a whole bunch the days after," explained Sawyer.

"The whole next week of course, he was spotting cars with license plates from out of state," said Troy Thiel, Sawyer's father.

So they went back and bought the game and the search was on. The first state to flip was easy, "Wisconsin," said Sawyer.

And to prove he spotted the plates, "My mom and dad started taking my picture with every single plate," said Sawyer.

Dad even created the license to Smile 50 blog, "So each time we took a picture and tell the story of how we found the plate," said Troy.

The quest turned into a friend and family affair, "We'd get calls from people telling us where they saw certain plates," said Troy.

They  even found themselves being a little bit stalker-ish, "We stalked a few cars on the road.  We followed them probably longer than we should have, hoping they would stop somewhere so we could get a picture," explained Troy.

It was a great learning experience, "He can pretty much look on a map and know where every state is," said Troy.

With only four to go  they hit Packers Training Camp and EAA where they found the last state plate to flip-- Rhode Island, "We must have looked like fools jumping around, high fiving in front of the Rhode Island car," said Troy.

Dad thought they were done, "I'm saying we're done because we got all fifty states," said Troy.

He was wrong, "No we're not because we still have Washington D.C." argued Sawyer.

So the quest continues, "But Washington D.C. is on the game and they have their own plate so apparently we're looking for that one yet.  So if anyone can help us out let me know on the blog," said Troy.

It took them exactly one month to get all 50 states.   If you want to check out Troy's blog, License to Smile 50 click here.

Sawyer has already started his next challenge.  To collect all the state quarters-  he has four so far.
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