Weather Stripping

Published 03/02 2011 02:09PM

Updated 03/16 2011 11:50AM

Air infiltration is a thief and it?s stealing your energy dollars. But with caulking and weather stripping you can protect your home. Doesn?t cost very much, doesn?t take a lot of time and it really can save you some cold hard cash.

How do you find out if you have air infiltration around doors and windows? One way is to take a hand held hair dryer go outside and have somebody on the inside follow you around with a candle that?s lit.  If you have any air coming through there the candles going to flicker.  The first place to seal is around the windows, some weather stripping is made with an adhesive back, so that all you have to do is cut it to size, peel it and stick it to the bottom where the window meet the sill. This little bit of work makes for a tight seal which will really save you some money. 

Now for in the track and up at the top of the window, you can use something like this, because this is springy it will fill the gap. Let?s take a look at this door it needs help too. As a matter of fact, we did the test here and found that air is coming in really bad right in this space right here and what were going to do to take care of that, and that doesn?t seem like much but you?ll be amazed at how much really good energy it?s going to waste.

So we?re going to take this vinyl weather stripping and put it in place and all you have to do to fix it in here is either use small nails or you can just use a stapler. Air is also passing through the door in other areas but all we have to do here is take a screw driver and bend out this springy metal which is going to solve the problem.  A little bit earlier we talked about caulking and what you want to do is find any place where there are gaps around the doors and windows, and just put a bead of caulk along there. Once you get through with the caulk you can come back over with your finger and smooth it out well.

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