Wisconsin governor's race and same-sex marriage

By CBS News

Published 06/16 2014 08:12PM

Updated 06/16 2014 10:52PM

MADISON, Wis. (CBS) While the attorney general continues to appeal the same-sex marriage decision, the recent ruling could be a dividing point in the upcoming governor's race.

Governor Scott Walker voted for the same-sex marriage ban in 2006 and he re-affirmed Monday that his position on the issue "should not matter" to voters. However, his challenger says it does.

The governor speaking at a Madison college today about his initiative to put more disabled residents into the state's workforce, answered questions from reporters about the issue. Walker says the attorney general is obligated to continue an appeal of the marriage ban. Yet the governor says stating his position clearly on the issue - does not matter.

 "I voted for it," said Gov. Walker. "I'm not talking about changing a position at all - just pointing out that the only way this will change - the voters had their way in 2006; the only way this will change is ultimately a higher court after this process goes thru here - or if voters decide to change it."

 "I think the people of Wisconsin would like to hear what the governor thinks and I know as governor I'm going to be clear how I stand on issues," said challenger Mary Burke. "It seems pretty political to me that he seems now to be waffling on whether he supports gay marriage or doesn't."

 Burke spoke to reporters about the issue while touring a Madison business - owned by a couple she has mentored over the last five years.

 More than 500 same-sex couples got married statewide last week before a judge put a stay on her injunction, effectively stopping the marriages. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals will now hear the issue.

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