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Published 09/03 2013 08:42AM

Updated 09/03 2013 08:49AM

Burke Griffin Sports
Burke Griffin Sports
When the Packers returned to Green Bay after winning Super Bowl 45, the entire organization threw a welcome home party at Lambeau Field, before hoisting the Lombardi trophy  in the blustery cold of an average day in February.  At one point during the festivities, Dom Capers said those often used, but famous words, "If you can't beat em'... join em".  This was in reference to him being the head coach of Carolina, when the Packers beat his Panthers in the 1996 NFC Championship game.  Ted Thompson and his staff may have taken a new twist on that philosophy and it  could be labeled, "If you can't beat em'....and have to play em' in week 1, 
sign some players who know them reaaaal well


If you haven't heard by now the Packers have signed QB's Seneca Wallace and Scott Tolzien.  Wallace to be the #2, and Tolzien to be on the practice squad.   If Aaron Rodgers is injured, the Packers now have a pair of players who have exactly one practice in their
system.  ONE.   Mike McCarthy has prided himself on preparation in all facets of the game, but especially on the offensive side of the football, and in particular the quarterback position.   From past QB schools, to footwork, and attention to detail.....no stone is left unturned.  Which makes it all the more interesting that Green Bay cut Vince Young, Graham Harrell, and B.J. Coleman
after countless hours of preparation for each of them in the last four weeks.  Apparently none of them could give Mike McCarthy the confidence he wanted in a backup signal caller.  But given the the decision, and rationale to even bring in Young, only to then cut him because "he didn't have enough time", is nothing short of contradictory.  Time isn't quite on Wallace or Tolzien's side, but apparently they think the two of them are good enough to just walk in and run their system. McCarthy said that he  "makes no apologies for that at all.  We're about building a football team each and every year."

But with these two recent moves, maybe the real paradox doesn't lie within the transactions, but with the transition into the regular season.    Scott Tolzien was on the 49ers roster the last two years, and released last Tuesday on the first big cutdown date.  Seneca Wallace was with the 49ers for one week during training camp and cut last Friday.   You don't last long at all in the NFL at quarterback, unless you are somewhat smart, regardless of your talent.  Both seem like very sharp and intelligent guys, so even though picking both of them up might seem like just another case of "cleaning house", you can't blame for them for gleaning just a bit.  We always hear about how teams in the league process information, and the Packers can get ahead against the 49ers next Sunday if both QB's bring in at least some knowledge of what San Francisco was doing all training camp long.  From audibles, to personnel groups, recent tendencies, and even rookie talents, both players could bring a wealth of awareness on how to beat the 49ers.   And wasn't that the main reason everyone even speculated as to why the Packers brought Vince Young in?  To give Green Bay's defense a look at a player with about the same kind of physical tools as Colin Kaepernick?  Well, even though that didn't quite work out over the long haul, everyone will find out sooner than later, if this latest experiment works out.  Whether it's
just for one game, or the entire season. 

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