Expect the unexpected in Packers vs. Seahawks season opener

By Ryan Rodig | ryan.rodig@wearegreenbay.com

Published 09/01 2014 10:56PM

Updated 09/01 2014 11:06PM

(WFRV-TV) - When teams prepare for the first few games to begin the NFL regular season, they expect the unexpected.

Teams like the Packers have been working on things privately since the beginning of training camp that have been kept away from the eyes of the media and fans.  Green Bay's offense began each camp practice and regular season practice indoors preparing on specific things for the game Thursday night against the Seahawks that will kick off the 2014 NFL season.

The Packers defense is expected to show some different things this season, but through portions or practice open to the media and in preseason games, the Packers haven't shown many changes in scheme.

How teams handle these surprises that weren't on film, or unscouted looks, could be the key to winning and losing games.

"Usually the first three, four, five weeks you see 30% unscouted looks," said Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.  "You expect that, you know its going to happen so you just have to react to what you see out there and make quick decisions and smart decisions and it's going to be on both sides."

Players say the guessing game won't make them change how they play.

"We're going to play defense how we play it," said DE/OLB Julius Peppers.  "We are going to play our formations, our assignments and what ever they come out in we will adjust to it.  But we are not going to change what we do for any different looks they give us."

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