Favre to Return in 2015

By Leslie Spoon

Published 08/04 2014 09:21PM

Updated 08/04 2014 09:33PM

“I knew this moment, over the last couple of years would come, and I'm just thankful that we're here.”

Brett Favre will be inducted into the Packers hall of fame on July 18, 2015 - his number will also be retired that day. It's been six years since Favre was traded to the Jets, a messy split from the Packers… It took time to heal those wounds.

“In all honesty I was probably more ready sooner than maybe everyone else was. Just because I know my heart and how I feel about my career. Not long after I was retired from playing I felt like it was time,” Favre said.

Favre retired for the third and final time in 2011, after stints with New York and division rival Minnesota..

"You can't take the 16 years away that I played there. Those memories are cherished forever. I was always a packer and that's the way it was like borrowed time playing elsewhere.”

Favre said he's not concerned about some fans still having animosity and the potential of getting booed. He says thinking about the ceremony is the same feeling he had when the Packers beat the Bengals in the first game Favre played for Green Bay.

“There's nervous, anticipation, anxiety if you will but good. It’s almost like I'm playing and throwing that touchdown pass at the end of that game to Kitrick Taylor. It has that feeling to it which is such a great feeling.”

2015 seems so far away.. Favre was asked if he'd think about returning this season to take in a game. He said it would probably be in his best interest to do so.. and wouldn't mind some game-day responsibilities.

“Wouldn't it be nice to flip a coin with Bart Starr prior to the game? I got chill bumps right now thinking about it. I just think that the fans, that would be an electric moment.”

Regardless how soon he returns, when Favre reminisces about his career... he sees green and gold.

“That's what I am is a Packer, will always be remembered as that and that's the way I want to be remembered.”

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