Packers Need to "Keep Calm, Carry On" Despite Injuries

By Ryan Rodig |

Published 10/16 2013 06:07PM

Updated 10/16 2013 06:37PM

(WFRV-TV) - Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy went back to the history books as he prepared a theme for his team this week as they try to move on despite an increasing amount of injuries to key players.

"Keep calm and carry on.," McCarthy said of his message to his team as they prepare to host the Browns Sunday.  "For you historians, you probably appreciate that.  In 1939 issued by the British government right before World War II in anticipation of the bombing of the major cities. So, that’s what we’re talking about."

Aaron Rodgers says despite the adversity he's excited how the team has responded so far and for the young guys who will be getting opportunities.

"When the going gets tough, that's when you see the character of the team," Rodgers said Wednesday.  "Last week was a great example of guys who are making the most of their leadership opportunities.  It's during these tough times that your character is revealed."

McCarthy likes the character his team has been building as  both sides of the ball are playing with an edge and able to compete in any kind of game environment.  On Monday, he even pointed out a change in his quarterback.

"He's played through some frustrating moments," McCarthy said.  "I like him when he's salty, and conflicting and all that.  It's good to see that side of him."

A.J. Hawk says the physicality and attitude the team practices with all week is carried over into the games, and that may be carrying over to the signal caller as well.

"He likes when his quarterback maybe takes on some of that Pittsburgh personality you know, those tough guys," Hawk said with a smile when asked about McCarthy calling Rodgers salty.  "I think A-Rod is inching more and more toward the east coast when it comes to that.  They spend so much time together too, coach and Aaron, they're both probably morphing into each other.  They are becoming one."

The defense, led by Hawk is providing plenty of punch as evidenced by the first three quarters against Baltimore last week.  The new attitude is also apparent in the revitalized running attack.  Green Bay's ground game has piled 704 yards through five games, the most by the team in 24 years.

"Just run physical," says rookie running back Eddie Lacy when asked about running with attitude.  "Try not to be tackled by the first person or when you make contact make sure the defender feels you.  Run powerful and don't go down by the first hit."

Green Bay is hopeful that behind their rejuvenated ground game, a physical defense and their MVP QB, this team can "keep on and carry on" while waiting for key players to get healthy.

"We have to stay focused on the things that we can control," said Rodgers. "I'm excited about the guys that are going to be lining up with us, excited about the young guys and their opportunities, and I can't wait to see how we play on Sunday."

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