Packers "New Attitude" on Defense Will Be Tested by Adrian Peterson Sunday

By Ryan Rodig |

Published 10/24 2013 06:15PM

Updated 10/24 2013 06:31PM

(WFRV-TV) - "He's the best back I've seen in my tenure in the league." - B.J. Raji.

"He's in his own league." - Ryan Pickett

"He has no weaknesses." - C.J. Wilson

"He could be one of the best of all time." - Morgan Burnett

That's just an example of some of the respect Adrian Peterson receives in the Packers locker room.  They know that at least twice a year, beating the Vikings means attempting to keep "AP" in check.

"Big powerful back, excellent vision," said Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy Wednesday.  "He has that herky-jerkiness, his ability to get in and out of his breaks and accelerate.  We are going to have to same deal, play square, our gap control has to be intact and we have to be aggressive."

In 13 career games vs. Green Bay, Peterson has run for a total of 1,541 yards (5.5 yards per carry) and 10 touchdowns.  So how do you stop the NFL's MVP who goes by the nickname "All Day?"

"The only way to stop him is to shoot him with a gun," joked defensive lineman Mike Daniels.  "He is unbelievable, he really is.  This is a game you want to play for; you love the challenge."

After coming just 9 yards shy of breaking the single season rushing record in 2012, it's been a bit of a challenge for Peterson to put up a repeat performance. He's been slowed by a hamstring injury that he said has affected him more mentally, but is still 7th in the league in rushing.

Pickett says he looks like the same Peterson on tape, but some of the long breakaway runs just haven't been there.  After playing his three times last season, the Packers are fully aware that even a small mistake could lead to big problems.

"He has the mentality that he's not going to let one guy take him down," said Burnett.  "When you think you got him flushed up, he finds a way to burst out and turn a two yard loss into a 60-yard gain.  It's going to take a team effort to try and stop him."

With a new attitude on defense led by the big men up front, the Packers say they are more up to the task to take care of Peterson in 2013.

"We don't care who we play against, bring it," said Daniels of the defense's philosophy.  "We don't care who the receiver is, the quarterback, running back, or the offensive line.  It does not matter.  Bring it, and we'll return the favor."

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