Packers Overcome Adversity, Beat the Browns

Published 10/20 2013 09:46PM

Updated 10/20 2013 09:56PM

The best way to beat adversity is to hit it head on and power through. The Packers scored two of four touchdowns on their first two drives. Once again great team defense and a productive run game set the tone.

"Its all just a mindset for real you know? We wanted to come out and run the ball this season and that's exactly what we're doing," Eddie Lacy explained.

"We came out and we had a good drive on that one, scored a touchdown. So it was encouraging to see and we finished off the game," Tramon Williams said.

"We've been stopping the run and playing great pass defense without Clay and Nick and when they get back it'll just add more to us," Mike Neal commented.

Green Bay's missing more than just Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. Injuries have depleted the team in every phase. Sunday a lot of young, inexperienced guys caged the butterflies and made the most of their opportunities.

"I was nervous. The first series my nerves got to me but after the first series I came back to the bench took a deep breath and just reminded myself its football," Nate Palmer said.

"Guys step in, its just the nature of the game. That's why everyone trains, so if someone gets hurt it's an insult to everybody else that everybody's more focused on the fact that we're down a couple people, instead of focusing on the guys on the field fighting," Mike Daniels weighed in.

"When a young guy like Jarrett's out there making plays or you see like Banjo or Hyde returning the punts, it brings a little more energy to the sideline. If its someone besides just Aaron or I or Clay making a sack, yeah we're excited, but when someone who doesn't normally do it makes a play it helps our team out a lot and everyone enjoys it. Everyone loves seeing everyone play well," Jordy Nelson explained.

The hits keep on coming for the Packers. Jermichael Finley was injured in the 4th quarter. After laying motionless, he was carted off the field on a stretcher. Nelson said it made him sick seeing his teammate lying there.

"That's honestly the first time it really got me and I didn't like what I saw. So hopefully he'll be alright and he needs to take his time. Obviously its his second one this year, he needs to take care of himself first.

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