Training Camp Report 8-19-14

By Leslie Spoon

Published 08/19 2014 05:47PM

Updated 08/19 2014 05:50PM

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The Packers had an intense training camp workout on Tuesday lasting 2:16. Mike McCarthy said it's the same format as an in-season Thursday practice. Rookie Defensive Tackle Mike Pennel had another strong showing, along with LB/DE Julius Peppers who may be 34, but still plays like he's 25 - days like today show he has plenty left in the tank.

Mason Crosby went 5-for-6 on field goals making kicks from: 33 yds, 38 yds, 42 yds, 46 yds and 53 yds. His only miss came from 44 yards out - he was wide right. Something I've never seen before - Randall Cobb was the holder on Crosby's 33-yarder.

Punt returners today: Micah Hyde, Randall Cobb, Tramon Williams and Jeff Janis. But don't be to set on what you see in practice, McCarthy could have someone else returning punts inside the Don Hutson Center, etc. He was very clear that this is training camp, but the team's already looking ahead to the season and they have to keep some of their game plan to themselves:

"Let's be honest we play seven days after our last preseason game so theres a reason why we go inside for the first ever how many minutes, twenty minutes before practice starts. It's really geared towards our first game so you don't want to show a whole lot. They have a set of signals for the preseason and a whole different set in the regular season, this is really the first year we've done that so we just got a lot more going on," explained McCarthy.

Franchise QB Aaron Rodgers showed his fun side (he usually does, flipping the ball, acknowledging fans, etc.) today by running routes with the receivers and catching a few passes.

Injury wise: Cornerback Casey Hayward did not participate in any late drills but McCarthy said there was no injury, that he held Hayward out, just being smart with him knowing his injury history. Right guard T.J. Lang also sat out the last couple of drills - he had his jersey off and was icing his left shoulder - which has been a nagging, bothersome injury for the 6-year veteran. McCarthy said Lang did bang his shoulder but told us his lineman didn't seem overly concerned so McCarthy likewise didn't seem to give it much thought.

With Brandon Bostick out two to three weeks with a lower leg injury (he talked to reporters in the locker room but said he didn't want to disclose the injury) Jake Stoneburner seems to the be TE with the much opportunity in his absence.

There have been reports that the NFL will expand 8-men practice squads to 10-men squads this season. Mike McCarthy had the following to say about the report:

"I think it's awesome. They can give us as many as they want to if it goes to 10 I think it's great. It's an opportunity to keep your players, continue to train those guys and gives them an opportunity for an NFL job so we've never looked at it as having 53 players we always talked in terms of having 61 and I'll be thrilled if it goes to 63."

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