Tretter Out for Multiple Weeks; Linsley Plan B

By Leslie Spoon

Published 08/24 2014 07:08PM

Updated 08/24 2014 07:11PM

Following the first series in the Packers preseason game against the Oakland last Friday you could see starting center J.C. Tretter being evaluated on the sidelines, but he continued to play.. So it was quite the bombshell this afternoon when Mike McCarthy announced Tretter suffered a significant knee injury and will be out multiple weeks.

“He played on it for a whole half ya know? So to hear that news it was kinda shocking, just that he was hurt at all,” said rookie center Corey Linsley.

“Once the ones went out of the game and once he settled down that's when it started bothering him,” Mike McCarthy explained.

So now it's on to plan B: Corey Linsley took all the snaps with the first-string today in practice.

“He's going to do a heck of a job. You know he's obviously a rookie, I like his makeup, he needs the reps. His confidence will grow each and every day,” McCarthy commented.

“I feel that I've been able to handle myself physically it's definitely the mental side of the game that I've been slacking on and that I need to improve on, again the subtleties,” said Linsley.

“He's got a lot of resources right around him with Josh and Aaron and myself, so he's a guy that we're not going to put too much pressure on him. Josh and I make a lot of calls as it is anyway,” right guard T.J. Lang said.

It's quite the setback for a starting offense that's looked to be in mid-season form the past two preseason games. Here's what Aaron Rodgers had to say Friday after the Packers defeated the Raiders 31-21:

“I think we're ready, I think it's been a good preseason. We've scored some points, moved the ball, saw what we wanted to see out of our skilled players and the offensive line,” said Rodgers.

The Pack's no-huddle offense has been crisp and at times unstoppable...but how will it fair with a rookie center thrown in the mix the last week of preseason?

“Umm I don't know. We'll have to wait and see. I think it will be an unknown, I think we'll obviously get plenty of reps in practice to work thru it. He's been working no-huddle with the twos so he knows the rhythm and how to do it and they have a veteran group up front that will be able to help him out and keep him going. It'll be tough week one, but I think he'll be able to handle it,” Jordy Nelson commented.

Speaking of week one, the Packers don't have a cupcake matchup -- they travel to Seattle to face the defending Super Bowl champs right out of the gate.

“It's not so much a feeling of fear or anything it's just a sense of urgency. Obviously I'm feeling anxious and a little anxiety but that can all be cleared up by just getting my head in the playbook and watching film,” said Linsley.

Aaron Rodgers and the majority of the starters usually sit out the final preseason game.. if that's the case, Linsley won't have any game-experience with the franchise QB heading into arguably the loudest stadium in the NFL. So will McCarthy shy away from the norm and opt to play Rodgers some Thursday?

“No I'm more worried about the evaluation of the 75 players going into the Kansas City game,” McCarthy declared.

“I think regardless of the game situation if you earn that guy's respect, that guy's trust then everything will be alright,” commented Linsley. 

The veterans in the locker room didn't seem fazed by yet another player bitten by the injury bug...

“It's unfortunate but it seems to happen every year so as bad as it sounds I'm kinda used to it,” left guard Josh Sitton explained. 

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