Andersen says hip injury was reason Gordon was lightly used in LSU loss

By Ryan Rodig |

Published 09/01 2014 10:45PM

Updated 09/01 2014 10:56PM

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(WFRV-TV) - Badgers Head Coach Gary Andersen finally gave a reason for why star RB Melvin Gordon was on the sidelines for much of the second half while LSU came back from a double-digit deficit to win Saturday's season opener 28-24.

"The scenario was real simple at halftime," Andersen said Monday. "Melvin had a little bit of a hip flexor. Anybody that knows Melvin could see that on the long run that he broke out in the second half there. It was very obvious that he had pulled up there at the end of that run.  We were trying to be smart with him as the rest of the game went on and trying to make educated decisions to keep us moving in the right direction with Melvin for that game, for the future. And it was tough sledding for any running back that was in there at that point.  So we didn't run the ball a lot in the second half. Didn't have a lot of opportunities when it was three-and-out most of the time."

Andersen came under fire from media and fans following the game when he didn't give an explanation for Gordon's disappearance from the game. Gordon acknowledged a hip injury as well Monday, but seems to disagree with the notion that he couldn't have played through it.

"I mean I felt it," said Gordon who rushed for 140 yards and a touchdown on just 16 carries Saturday.  "But like I said, I'm a competitor.  I've played through way worse, so I felt I was good."

"That's the problem," said Andersen.  "Melvin is going to say he's absolutely fine. This is where I get into a real problem. It's like everybody wants to get into the kid's personal business. It's hard for me to be able to deal with.  If I'm off base, I'm off base. But all I can do is go by what a trainer tells me. And he's the professional. So if I put a kid in harm's way because I don't listen to a trainer, then I've got a major issue on my hands, I don't think I'm the person who I say I am.  I'm going to listen to people, do what they ask of me. He gave me the information. He gave Coach (Thomas) Brown the information. And I don't quite frankly think it's anybody's business to pass that on to somebody after the game. But apparently it is because that's what I was told to do."

As far as the next game is concerned, Gordon proclaimed he is "healthy and ready to roll."

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